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Have you got the talent?

We've got the connections and the recording studio to make the CD of your dreams.

Custom Albums start at $500 per song.

Professional production, includes all music and arrangements.

Music Publishing Services

We're Looking For New Songs of All Styles . . .
Each year thousands of new songs are needed by the ever-growing music industry.

Every time a song is played on the radio the writer is paid and every time an artist sells a CD or digital download, the writer receives a royalty . . . so why not you???

Other Song Services

Copyright Paperwork - $ 50.00 each song
(to protect your song)

Poems - $ 100.00 each poem
We will put your words to music

Demos - $ 250.00 each song

We will make you a competitive CD of your songs to present to the world and music business, providing the music and vocal arrangements, supplying musicians and singers of professional quality, to give you that same professional representation of your song or songs.

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