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THE BEACH BOYS: One of my favorite albums is Pet Sounds, which I got to play guitar on.

BRIAN WILSON: Brian is one of the true innovators. I loved doing his sessions with the Beach Boys.

JAN AND DEAN: Surf's up. I did guitar for a lot of surf groups including J and D.

JAN BERRY: Creative force behind the Jan and Dean sound. I'll miss him!

THE VENTURES: I added guitar and sitar to some of the Ventures tunes as well as to The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, and Dick Dale. It was a blast!

ELVIS PRESLEY: The King of Rock. I had the pleasure of being his guitarist on the 68 Comeback Special and several of his albums!

PAT BOONE: Pat was always fun to be around. I played guitar on some of his Christian music!

EDDIE COCHRAN: As part of the Kelly Four, I traveled the U.S. backing up Eddie. Nice tribute!

BO DIDDLEY: Bo and I played together as part of Dick Clarks Caravan of Stars. He was the "Originator"!

BARRY MCGUIRE: Barry's one of my oldest and dearest friends. I played on and produced many of his albums.

JOHNNY RIVERS: What can you say about Johnny? He's still one of the rockingest guys on the planet. We played a lot of music together live at the Whiskey Au Go Go and on his many hit records!

TOMMY ROE: Tommy provided some of the best pop music of the 60s and it was great playing guitar on most of his hits!

DICK DALE: No one played guitar like Dick Dale. I learned a lot from Dick my time playing with him and writing songs for him. Greatly missed.

PAUL REVERE AND THE RAIDERS: Paul was a blast working with. I did guitar on some of their albums during the 60s.

HAL BLAINE: Best drummer in the biz. Hal started it all in the studios with his "Wrecking Crew", which I was privileged to be part of!

RON TUTT: Ron is one of the smokinest drummers on the planet. And he's on Guitar Gold with me!

JIM HORN: Jim is the most recorded horn player on the planet and Kathie's brother. Great site!

GLEN CAMPBELL: Was one of the best guitarists in the biz. Spent many hours playing with Glen in the studios! Now playing for Jesus.

LARRY CARLTON: Another of the best guitarists around. As I left, Larry took my place in the studios!

JAY GRAYDON: Another comrade from the L.A. studio days. Fabulous guitarist with a great web site!

JERRY SCHEFF: Studio bass ace & member of Elvis' TCB Band. Bassist in my Sanctified Boogie Band!

DAVE SHRIVER: Super bassist for the stars, live and studio...and my good friend!

CAROL KAYE: Legendary player on bass and guitar in the studios since the 50s. Super web site!

DAVID DIGGS: Producer, arranger, multi-instrumental studio wiz for artists like Irene Cara, The Brothers Johnson, Eric Gale, Richie Furay, Barry McGuire, and Pat Boone!

2ND CHAPTER OF ACTS: Three of the most talented people in Contemporary Christian music and my dear friends. Played guitar on their first album and toured across the country with them.

ANNIE HERRING: Annie was the pianist and main vocalist for Second Chapter. It was a blessing to record and tour with her and the group.

MATTHEW WARD: And rounding out the trio of Annie and Nellie is Matthew Ward. What else can you say but such an anointed voice!

KEITH GREEN: Keith was my good friend and helped me put my life back together. I miss him greatly!

LARRY NORMAN: Larry is called the father of Christian Rock. I played guitar on his first solo album!

SCOTT WESLEY BROWN: Played on Scott's early albums. Wonderful singer/songwriter!

DOUG ROWELL: Doug is a master word carver and has carved three guitars for me, including my Broadcaster and Strat. He also helped in the recovery of the Strat 25 years after it was stolen!